Series Overview



Billy Moon, is the story of a half Cherokee, half Jewish boy. His mother, a Cherokee Princess is savagely attacked by a rogue policeman a short time after his birth. Princess Nunda escapes and brings her baby to a kindly Christian teacher. The next day Nunda dies of her injuries. From a baby, the boy is raised by the retired teacher, who educates and trains him in the white world where he gains true faith in God. Early, he displays unusually high levels of his natural senses; sight, hearing and smell. He is a child prodigy who is schooled to a sophomore college level and grows to manhood by age thirteen. As a youth he is seduced and leaves home, to be with the woman he loves. She leads him into life as a gigolo in Atlanta. A turn of fate leads him to his true love, Jana, but his biological father’s treachery produces heartbreak. Overcoming great danger he rescues Jana from criminals, thwarts his nemesis and finds his true self. Running from the law, he is united with his Indian grand-father and taught to be Cherokee. A series of compelling adventures and destiny intervene, showing him his future is in the U.S. Marines.

The second story Marine Moon, starts his career at Paris Island, OCS, and the CIA. During agent training he re-encounters a vicious enemy and is led into a web of international intrigue.

Saigon Moon, tells of Billy Moon’s adventures as a Marine Officer/CIA agent in the early US involvement of the Viet Nam quagmire. He encounters and fights French colonial corruption, organized crime, drugs and white slavery.

Miami Moon: Billy, is undercover in the Miami Police and a Marine /CIA operative, fighting the organized crime tentacles stretching from Saigon to beautiful Biscayne Bay

Island Moon: The billion dollar drug smuggling cartels set the stage for Billy’s USMC/Agency work in the Caribbean.

Ocala Moon follows Billy as he tries to retire from the Corp/Agency and finds enemies bent on his destruction.

Cherokee Moon, a prequel, is the story of the youth of his Cherokee grandparents, and their struggles to find freedom, and a future of dignity together.


Come along, watch and listen as Billy Moon’s story begins.